Zöller & Partner

Zöller & Partner support their clients as consultants in the fields of Quality management and Corporate structure. As well, they host trainings and workshops.

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How does a business work inside? Which processes are taking place in a company? Which dynamics exists between work colleagues? And most of all: How can the productivity be increased?
Particularly these questions are dealt with by Michaela Zöller and her partners. In addition to supporting companies in the analysis of their business structures, Zöller and Partners gives advice related to quality management and also arrange trainings and workshops.


The requirements for us had been clear: A simple business website based on TYPO3 as a solid technical footing, but without unnecessary gadgetry.


Client: Michaela Zöller

Services: Design, Web development

Technologies: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Typo3

Status: up-to-date

Website: www.michaelazoeller.de