Addis Ababa Institute of Technology

In the course of university reform in Ethiopia, “Institutes of Technology” (IOT) have been established to take care of the formation of scientific study fields. With regard to the IOT in Addis Abeba, the external communication should be reviewed. The focus here was on the institution´s website.


Due to the fact that it is difficult to implement this type of project from distance, Andreas spent three months in Ethiopia´s capital and worked with those responsible as well as with the IT-sector. It became clear that the biggest challenge of this project was not the technique but rather the conception and creation of structures, especially considering that the reorganisation in an “IOT” was in progress. Often, compromises between those responsible had to be made and frequently cultural differences led to misunder-standings.


Nevertheless, it was an exciting project with successful outcomes, like for instance the institute´s website in TYPO3, a national database for internship positions, the education and training of the future webmaster, workshops with IT- students, diverse printed products as well as the organisation of the opening ceremony.


Client: Addis Ababa University

Services: Concept, Design, Web development, Print

Technologies: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Typo3

Status: outdated