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Nowadays, it is vital to have a good conception. This includes elementary thoughts on how to address your target group, the purpose and content, visual appearance and/or the technical implementation of the requested solution. Together with you, we clarify all these questions in the conception stage, because this is the only way to guarantee the requirements for a successful continued existence of your idea. In order to identify your concern precisely, we pro actively accompany you from the very first conversation until the release.


With regard to the design, the following question arises. Does the design follow on the function or vice versa? In our company, your ideas and desires define the creation and the design. Our customers can expect a skilful balancing act between function and visual impact. But not just web design is included in our design portfolio. We also have the competences to realise corporate design as well as logo and layout for printed media.


Whether image pages, websites based on CMS, complex online shops or customised web application, we use technologies perfectly suitable for your demands. Therefore, we rely on established frameworks. As a proponent of open-source solutions, we particularly use the Content Management System TYPO3 and the shop software Magento. It goes without saying that our implemented web applications and websites are realised with current web standards. Furthermore, they are browser and device-independent and of course optimised for search engines.


Software development is much more than just programming. Apart from analysing systems and the conception of software architectures, there is the need for modelling database structures. These are, by the way, just partial aspects of software development. May it be desktop applications or apps, we take care of it. Therefore, we rely on modern technologies and frameworks.


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Coffee and espresso are as much important as music is to realise your demands. Professionalism and enjoyment of work are not mutually exclusive but complement each other. No matter if your project is a major or a minor one, important is the idea. Our notion of a successful project goes hand in hand with sustainability and long-term cooperation.

Media designer

Andreas Schädler

Likes his coffee black - prefers to programme while listening to electronic music – relaxes outside to gain new energy – TYPO3 guru – inside the company, he deals with conception, design, TYPO3, extension-development and all kinds of web technologies

+49 176 651 895 91

Master of Science

Tim Völpel

Likes his coffee with a dash of milk – needs music (no matter what kind) to be creative - does all kinds of sport – can be seen at local festival in his free-time - inside the company, he deals with the topics conception, design, web and software development

+49 176 304 799 62


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